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The Correct Form for Islamic Death Threats?

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Are Muslims allowed to issue non-Halal death threats? Specifically when threatening to slaughter your local cartoonist is it permissible to say you will make them squeal like a pig?

Surely the appropriate response to cartoons you find offensive to your religion are cartoons critical of the beliefs of the society hosting the cartoonists, perhaps a humorous cartoon showing Voltaire in an unfavorable light?  Ahh.. but that might require a sense of humour and/or creativity, so much easier just to issue death threats or even attempt to carry them out. That is sure to win you friends and influence opinion in your favour in the host society.

Maybe they (the issuers of threats and murderers) don’t want to win approval and tolerance for their religion in secular societies. Maybe they want to create two bogie men to further their political agenda. They want to make enemies of the secular world and engender a sense of fear of the secular world in their coreligionist.


Written by CaptainBlack

February 15, 2015 at 10:18

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