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New Dog/Puppy

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We got a new puppy, Frodo, a few months ago. This was after a year gap since we had to have the last dog Ben euthanised. When deciding what type of puppy we wanted we narrowed the choice down to a German Sheppard, a black Labrador or a Labradoodle. The final choice was made by drawing from a hat (literally), and the Labradoodle won.

We found a familly with Labradoodle puppies, both parents Silver Labradoodles, all the puppies were black, but it seems the grey comes through as they get older. Anyway we choose one and brought him home and named him Frodo. We had all the usual problems with a new puppy but one thing that is still a problem is that the cats are still wary of them (one of them had grown up with a dog, but is still wary of Frodo, possibly because of his boisterous nature. One thing is that he is now about six month old and shows no signs of turning grey or shaggier, his coat is virtually 100% a black lab cost and strangers who see him assume he is a black lab. His body and face shape though are more poodle like. In all he is an extremely handsome dog.

His boisterous nature has also given us problems walking him, he pulls when on the lead and is prone to jump up at bicycles and strangers, making it impossible to use the expanding lead safely and of course the standard lead is too short to let him sniff about the verges. The first attempted at a solution to this was to get him a halti, but he did not like it, every time he goes out with it he spends all of the time trying to rum it off, and stepping over it. After 10 days of trying to get him used to the halti we decided to try some form of harness. I was a bit doubtful about using a harness as it looks as though it ought to make it easier for him to pull with one. Well we have been using it now for a few days and he seems to like it better than having the lead attached to his collar or the halti and it is now a pleasure to walk him (formerly it had been a continual struggle).


Frodo, in a quiet moment, at 4 months



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December 7, 2014 at 11:16

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