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Existence Exists so God Exists Type Argument in Telegraph Online Religious News

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It is not an essential part of Rupert Shortt’s argument in his recent piece in the Telegraph  but the following claim needs addressing:

But a quantum vacuum is not “nothing”, or even a static medium. It is marked by a series of chaotic flutuations in which particles appear and reappear in a manner consistent with Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.

The uncomfortable reality for an atheist is that it’s impossible, in the terms naturalism allows, to say how anything could exist at all.

So the grounds for maintaining that the universe was created are more robust than sniffier unbelievers allow.

This is tantamount to the argument: We don’t know X, therefore God.

Also such an argument shifts the mystery from why anything exists to why God exists (so in a sense we still do not know X). Work towards understanding X is closed off if we accept God did it, and progress on X may well throw light on the existence of God (as it may well provide illumination on what sorts of things can and cannot exist and what mode of existence they might possess).


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August 26, 2014 at 04:48

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