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Resumed Painting

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I have recently been clearing our garage. It had been filled from front to back with rubbish and the children’s old toys. Now it is clear and so I have some work space I decided it was time to resume painting.

The current project is to do a series of head and shoulders portraits of historical figures, starting with Admirals (I will later diversify, I suspect initially in the direction of the Philhellenes: Lords Byron and Cochrane , ..). The plan is to keep the pictures small, initially ~150 x 150 mm (6 x 6″) so that they can be displayed anywhere.

The first is now complete, it is of Admiral George Brydges Rodney, victor of the Saintes (1782).

George Rodney

Admiral George Rodney, acrylic on board 150 x 150 mm

This was based initially on the Gainsborough portrait of 1782, but that was rather anodyne and so I modified the face more along the lines of the Reynolds portrait of 1784.

There are four main distinct portraits of Rodney from the period after the Saintes that I am aware of the two mentioned above another from about 10 years later by Mosnier of 1791 which sort of bears a resemblance to the Reynolds portrait and a print from the 1840’s. The latter bears no resemblance to any of the other three or to the portraits of Rodney when he was younger.

The evidence from these portraits on what Rodney actually looked like is poor, I’m inclined to go with the Reynolds, to which I hope mine bears a vague resemblance.

I painted a pair of these, the above is the second, the first gives Rodney a rather fuller face and so I am not so happy with.


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