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Stories from the job wars: Company IT Policy

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Reading the company IT fair use policy this morning I discovered (I knew it already but had conveniently forgotten, a bit like the rest of the rules in the policy) that I am not allowed to mention who I work for on any web page of mine (?!)

Strange but I had thought mentioning them would not reflect to my credit. I suppose they really have my interests at heart.

They would not like to see me harassed over allegations against them for corrupt business practices. Which they swear they no longer employ, but never did anyway and have rolled out an ethical behaviour policy for the common staff so they won’t bribe anyone again (not that they ever did).


Update, as of late 2011 the company now wants us to say who we work for!


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August 10, 2010 at 16:37

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Employer black-list and other stories from the job wars

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I have an employer black list. These are companies that I would never consider applying to for a job (again). The list has two entries:

1. British Aerospace (BAe) – in 1982 I was looking for a new job for various reasons, that I may elaborate on one day. An agent arranged an interview with BAe space division or whatever they called such a unit. When I arrived before anything else was said the interviewer told me that they could not employ me on my current salary at my age. Since they knew how much I was paid before calling me for interview why had they done so? Also if the company is so bureaucratic that salary is determined by age why would anyone with the ability to earn more want to work for them?

Of course I now find myself working for BAE Systems, the successor company to BAe, which acquired the company I was then working for in the early 2000s. In the ensuing 10 years they have not impressed me in any way and given the choice I would never choose to work for them. But then when your in your late 50s it is not easy to find equivalent of better employment elsewhere anymore 😦

2. Hunting Engineering at Ampthil. In 1987 I was looking for a new job (I wanted more money) and an agent sent my details to Hunting. When I arrived I was shown into a room with overflowing waste bins, and otherwise dirty and not offered anything to drink. Then was kept waiting significantly after the appointed time(don’t recall how long anymore, but long enough to register as too long). Eventually the interview took place, I was unimpressed and told them that as a result of the interview I was not interested.

Some weeks later an offer arrived from them, for significantly less than my then current salary.

So from Hunting we had an insultingly inept attitude to interviewing, and an insulting offer for a job they knew I was not interested in (and a waste of someone’s money in getting me security cleared so they could make any kind of offer).

So if the reader is interested I would recommend that you not accept employment with either BAE Systems or INSYS (the current name of Hunting Engineering now a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin UK) unless you can get something out of them that you want before going to work somewhere else where you may be valued at something closer to your worth.

Written by CaptainBlack

August 10, 2010 at 16:33

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