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Diplomat disciplined over Pope memo

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Some background to the story about the amusing  suggestions for “events” for the forth coming visit of the  “Pope” visit  can be found at [1]

One reason why Foreign Office staff may not have been taking the visit terribly seriously is that they recognise that this is not a diplomatic visit by a foreign potentate, which would be within their remit, but a visit by a religious leader hostile to the policy of the British Government (and as this appears to be some kind of democracy presumably a significant proportion of the British population) disguised as a state visit so that the British Government will feel obliged to contribute substantially to the costs.

One must question the motives of whoever released this to the press. Clearly it is not Civil Service policy to release the results of brain storming sessions to the public. While not a civil servant (any more) I would not want the notes of any brainstorm that I took part in released since they are invariably laced with things that would look peculiar when read by the humorless out of context. It may well have been a mistake of the brainstorm leader to pass the full set of suggestions up the line but what the hell. There seem to be two possibilities for the motives of whoever passed the offending documents to the press: (1) They wanted it to result in the cancellation of the popes visit (2) They were personally offended (because they were some sort of Catholic). In either case it is the person who released the document that needs to be disciplined not the facilitator of the brainstorm. If in fact it turns out that possibility (2) is the case it demonstrates the problem/s that let to the English reformation (compromising the authority of the state by loyalty of church members to a  foreign power posing as a religion) still exists.

Of course the real tragedy here is that the offence caused is insufficient for the “Pope’s” visit to be cancelled (from this you may assume that my sympathies are to some extent in accord with possibility (1) above, but I would never breach my contract in such a matter and don’t approve of anyone else doing so).


[1] http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/vaticancityandholysee/7636736/Diplomat-disciplined-over-Pope-memo-is-named.html


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April 27, 2010 at 07:12

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