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January 2010 Snow in Hampshire UK

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January 2010 sees the worst snow in the South of England since the late 1970’s and possibly since 1963. Having taken 2 hours to drive the 7 miles home from work on the 5th of January and given that the snow was over 130 mm deep I decided to work at home. The schools were also closed so as we can see below my partner and I had some assistance from one of the children in our study of compacted snow mechanics.

As it happens when my employer found that only a miniscule proportion of staff were in on the 6th they decided not to open the site in the afternoon, or the next day. They did not have the means of contacting staff so it was left to the bush telegraph to pass the message and contact number for further information around.

An amusing thing about the contact number is that it would not have information on site opening untill after 09:30 on any day.  So if the site did open after allowing for extended travelling time you would still lose a substantial fraction of the day. I was lucky that I had work that I could do from home so did not have to feel guilty about not phoning or attempting to travel when the conditions look unfavourable.


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January 19, 2010 at 07:55

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